The gg hootenannny: Gandhi's Release Party and Global Gaming Singalong, 2010
telematic online performance/singalong

The first ever internet-wide global gaming voicechat singalong, the “gg hootenanny!”, a day long festival which featuewed songs of freedom and protest in celebration of the release of my avatar, MGandhi Chakrabarti, from his nine-month imprisonment/durational reenactment in Second Life. MGandhi was freed from his cell on January 26th, 2010 - 9 months after the start of the reenactment of his 1930 imprisonment by the British (see Twitter Torture). I invited residents of Second Life to join me as their favorite celebrity avatars to participate in a day long series of four 1 hour concerts and singalongs using voice chat. Visit the original blog for the project here. Each concert/singalong was streamed live on Ustream, the chaotic telematic combination of voices from around the globe created a joyful and unexpected experience of interaction and song. You really had to be there!

gg hootenanny, 2010 telematic performance

gg hootenany, 2010 Pope, Guard, Gandhi, Master Chief

gg hootenanny, 2010 Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob

gg hootenanny, 2010 Second Front freeing MGandhi