NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain! Avatar for U.S. Senate!, 2010
internet art and performance

In 2010 I ran my Second Life avatar, NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain in the U.S. Senate race to represent the great state of Nevada. Nevada is the only state in the country that by law has as a choice on all federal ballots for "None of these Candidates". My candidate's likeness was created by combining the faces of Siegfried and Roy with that of Senator John Warner (he just LOOKS like a senator). In the final results for the 2010 seat currently occupied by Harry Reid, None of these Candidates won a respectable 16,197 votes, representing 2.2% of the votes cast.

Please visit the official website of 2010 Senatorial candidate NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain!

Avatar for U.S. Senate!
NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain!: Avatar for U.S. Senate!