East of Fallon, Highway 50 Nevada, 2003
installation, kinetic sculpture, video and data transmission

East of Fallon, Highway 50, Nevada, is an installation work involving kinetic sculpture, video projection and streaming video on the internet. The intent is to create what is essentially a simulated experience in the form of a contemplative, filmic moment, that of endlessly driving a car at night on a section of "America’s Loneliest Highway". Inspired, in part, by American film vernacular (road movies, film noir, David Lynch, etc), the surface of the highway hypnotically passes under the gaze of the vehicle mounted camera, serving as a visual marking of time, distance and separation. The work also serves as a nostalgic, faux document of this seminal roadway - an imaginary construction depicting a mythical Western icon. The Ferris wheel type structure exists to create a seamless roadbed while at the same time functioning as a familiar experiential device for continuous motion to no particular destination. This work is the first of DeLappe’s video based, sculptural installations to incorporate the utilization of the internet as a creative medium for artisitic experimentation. This work exists both as a functional, physical installation of video and kinetic sculpture and as a transmitted image via the internet. The video being created by the piece is being streamed, live, on the internet in real-time. The result being a looping path of image, motion and simulation created through an absurdly convoluted use of technology with the ultimate goal of sublime simplicity.

East of Fallon, 2003:
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