Bierstadt Drones, 2016
Animated GIFS, online and installation

An ongoing series of internet based works that update Albert Bierstadt’s iconic paintings of America’s west by inserting animated gif flybys of Predator and Reaper drones. Bierstadt’s highly idealized paintings are the representation of 19th century “manifest destiny” in their fantastic, virtualized representations of bucolic mountains, pioneers on the move and rapidly vanishing native cultures. Bierstadt’s work played a key role in attracting “settlers” to tame the “savage” American west. His scenes of western rapture have now been invaded by the iconic image of weaponized drones flying overhead. Idealized, imagined landscapes reified with the addition of our latest technologies of imperialism, power and destruction.

These works have been designed for online distribution as GIFS and more recently realized in video installation format for installation on flat screens. I've uploaded three of the GIFS here, visit the project tumblr site to see additional versions: