Legacies, 1992
Digital Imaging/Photo Montage

This series represented a return, in 1992, to addressing themes of personal significance and image/family history. The impetus behind this shift was the death by suicide of my grandmother, Eva, in the spring of 1992. Her death led me to consider the complex intergenerational relations which are indicative of our family's history, and by extension, all family histories. The images represent attempts to visually reconcile and connect with relatives both past and present.

Little Eva Carry On... 1992 Inkjet print, 20x24

Tell Me a Story... 1992 Inkjet print, 20x24

Me and My Father's Past, 1992 Inkjet print, 20x24

Image to Connect with the Dead, '92 Inkjet print, 20x24

Mother and Son, 1992 Inkjet print, 20x24

The Continuum, 1922 Inkjet print, 20x24