Cowardly Drone, 2013
An ongoing series of image interventions downloading images of UAV's (unmanned arial vehicles) in use by the United States Military, including: General Atomics MQ1-Predator Drone, MQ9 Reaper Drones and Global Hawk Drones from the top results of Google image searches. Each image is slightly adjusted to include the marking "COWARDLY" upon it's fuselage. The saved images are uploaded to my website with basic titling information "Predator Drone", "Reaper Drone", "Global Hawk Drone" - with the intention of having these images begin to appear in searches for information and images on drones occurs online. The works are intended as a subtle intervention into the media stream of US military power.

Predator Drone - "Cowardly" digital image

MQ1 Predator Drone - "Cowardly 1" digital image

Predator Drone - "Cowardly 2" digital image

Predator Drone - "Cowardly 3" digital image

Predator Drone - "Cowardly 4" digital image

Predator Drone - "Cowardly 5" digital image

Reaper Drone - "Cowardly" digital image

Reaper Drone - "Cowardly 2" digital image

Global Hawk Drone - "Cowardly" digital image