Circle Drawing Surveillance System, 2001
installation, paper, toy train, mini-video camera, projector, charcoal

A train locomotive 
travels continuously in 
a circle harnessed 
with electro-mechanical
 appendages, including
a drawing arm holding 
black compressed 
charcoal to paper. The 
train rides on the first 
rail, while the two inner
 rails function, 
respectively, to power 
the mini-video camera 
mounted on the train 
while the other sends 
the real-time video 
signal from the camera 
to the projector. Video 
as memory of action in 
the immediate
 past—over engineered
 uselessness for the watchful creation of drawings on paper.
Circle Drawing System, 2002:
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detail, Circle Drawing, 2002
Highligh Exhibition, 2002
Foster Goldstrom Collection
Circle Drawing System, 2002:
first incarnation using chalk