First TV Memory, 2002
installation, kinetic sculpture and video

First TV Memory is a kinetic sculpture and video installation that was the precursor work to East of Fallon, Highway 50, Nevada. The work recreates my earliest recollection of television. In 1968, I remember getting up in the morning, I was 4 years of age. I wanted to watch "Captain Kangaroo" on CBS. I was very frustrated as all television programming had been pre-empted by the image taken from a camera mounted on the back of the funeral train of Robert Kennedy. His body was being transported for burial after his assassination in California. In this work I created a realistic HO scale train track inside the surface of a small, kinetic Ferris wheel type structure. The small, black and white video camera, records and transmits in real-time the image that simulates the TV memory that is in my mind's eye. This work has been displayed using a video projector or a small black and white TV.

This piece was awarded the "Wand 5 Award" at the 2003 Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival of Expanded Media, Germany.
First TV Memory, 2002:
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detail, First TV Memory, 2002
projection, First TV Memory, 2002
detail, First TV Memory, 2002