Touch, See, Believe, 1994
installation, projected video, kinetic sculpture

This project involves the creation of an installation environment for the consideration of objects, images, and belief. Three white beach balls are suspended in the airflow of three 18" cooling fans. The fans are attached to each other and suspended from the walls of the space by cables. Upon the surfaces of the balls there are projected time-based, digitally processed images of fire, the Nevada desert and the Truckee River(fire, earth, water). Each ball features a different looping sequence of images with animated texts reading, from the left ball to the right, "touch, see, believe". The intent is to create a kinetic image and object experience which mimics in real-time and space the practice of creating the illusion of 3-D objects in computer space. I am interested in forging a sensory experience of contradictory references utilizing light, kinetics and manufactured illusion. The effect of utilizing considerably low-tech sculptural elements contrasted with projections of simulated computer modeled objects creates a context for considering our collective desire for virtual image/object escapism.