Bashar al-Assad on Craigslist, 2012
Online intervention

Commencing on February 4, 2012, I have been working to create a series of ads on Craiglist, the first one as depicted below, posted to Reno Craigslist "Dictator Seeks New Job!". I invite you to participate by re-posting the ad on your local Craigslist! So far there are 70 ads - listings throughout the U.S. and abroad. These include: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles (THANKS JEANNE!), Reno, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait, Israel, London, Berlin, Beijing, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, New York City, Naples, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, New Zealand, Phillipines, Venezuala, Mexico City, Montgomery, Anchorage, Phoenix, San Diego (THANKS ROBERT!), Denver, Miami, Oklahoma City, OK (THANKS PETE!), Birmingham, Anchorage, Hartford, Phoenix, Baltimore, Atlanta, Vancouver, BC, Belfast, Johannesburg, Boise, Indianapolis, Honolulu, Reykjavík (THANKS JAIMES!), Vancouver #2 (THANKS LISA!), Omaha, Kansas City, New Orleans, Louisville, Maine, Baltimore, Detroit, Biloxi, Minneapolis, Billings, Raleigh and South Bend (THANKS KRISTA!), New Hampshire, Las Vegas, Jersey Shore, Buffalo, Fargo, Albuquerque, Philadelphia, Portland, Cincinnati, Charleston, Rhode Island, Memphis, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Vermont, Richmond, Seattle, Charleston, WV, Milwaukee, Wyoming, Montreal.

On February 10th, I created a profile for Assad on and Linkedin! - see below.

Read the call for participation on "Join the Craigslist Revolution" on Rhizome.

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Visit the original ad here.