Cardboard Gandhi, 2008-2009
monumental polygon sculptures

The Salt March reenactment resulted in a number of artifacts and objects that further explore the connection to my avatar, MGandhi. I’ve used a variety of processes to extract the 3D data of my avatar from Second Life to allow for the sculptural recreation into physical objects. This page features documentation of the three 17' Cardboard Gandhi's created in 2008 and 2007. Each of the Gandhi's were realized in cardboard using adapted “Pepakura” papercraft techniques. The resulting sculptures was designed to be the same height as Michelangelo’s 17’ classic marble sculpture of the Goliath slaying “David”. The first was constructed and installed on site at Eyebeam Art and Technology in New York City, the second was built on site as part of the Farewell to Post-Colonialism, the Third Guaghzou Triennial, the second was built in Mechelen, Belgium for the exhibition All that is Solid Melts Into Air. This particular version was shipped later the same year at ISEA ‘09 in Belfast, Ireland at the University of Ulster.

Cardboard Gandhi #1, 2008 Eyebeam, photo: Christine A. Butler

Cardboard Gandhi #1, progress Eyebeam Art and Technology, NYC

Cardboard Gandhi #2, 2008 Guangzhou Museum of Art, China

Cardboard Gandhi #2, opening Guangzhou Museum of Art, China

Cardboard Gandhi #2, workers Guangzhou Museum of Art, China

Cardboard Gandhi #3, w/workers Guangzhou Museum of Art, China

Cardboard Gandhi #3, 2009 MuHKA, Mechelen, Belgium

Cardboard Gandhi #3, students MuHKA, Mechelen, Belgium

Cardboard Gandhi #3, 2009 ISEA 09, Belfast, Ireland

Cardboard Gandhi #3, volunteers ISEA 09, Belfast, Ireland

Cardboard Gandhi #3, installation ISEA 09, Belfast, Ireland