The Mouse Mandala, 2006-2015

Used, broken or otherwise discarded computer mice, woven into a growing spiral. I began building this piece in 1999. The mice were first collected at my computer lab at UNR, as I began to collect these I bought hundreds at a time, in bulk, through electronics surplus stores in the Silicon Valley. The work is inspired by thoughts of contemporary cubicle work cultures while also paying a wry tribute to the weavers and craftspersons whose lives were upended by the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom (and the resulting "Luddite" revolution). This is an ongoing project, I hope one day to find a location to continue weaving the piece to a diameter of 50'.

The Mouse Mandala is currently on display at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco as part of the exhibition "Office Space" curated by Ceci Moss.

The Mouse Mandala, 1999: weaving

The Mouse Mandala, 2006: weaving

The Mouse Mandala, 2006: weaving

detail, The Mouse Mandala, 2006: weaving